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portrait Adriana Sjan Bijman

Portrait of Adriana, summer 2014


"Thank you again for the pleasant & professional cooperation and the outstanding result! Without specifically asking for feedback, people told me they really like the photos".

Petra Mikat

Open to the possibilities

Findhorn Beach Adriana Bijman;

The Findhorn Beach is a wonderful place to be. Just be.

colourful sunset at storm Findhorn Beach © Findhorn Images This image I made in a storm at Findhorn Beach on the Moray coast, near my house. The colours are not tricked or edited, the sunset really was like this!

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Passionate about community and nature ...

Flock of birds on the island of Iona, west coast Scotland, photo Adriana Sjan Bijman. Photo print for sale in my shop.

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in becoming visible, be it with a multimedia/video story about your project or organisation, be it with graphic design, photoArt or photography. With applied photo and design the online shop offers wonderful stationery about the beauty of nature.

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Exquisite greeting cards, including the new Herbal series: cards with a present: a little bag of seeds to sow, or herbs to use in bath, tea or cuisine. Also Birthday Calendars, Notebooks, placemats, bookmarks, greeting cards in gift boxes, all with photo-images around nature, wild flowers and herbs, landscape, community life, the Buddha. Next to this there are several Findhorn books, including the popular 'Spirit of the Future- Findhorn Birthday book' with 50 years of Findhorn's history. Check the Findhorn Images web shop.

Favourite photo of the months- on my blog

Monthly favourites, per year. From this year onwards I've put my monthly favourite in a blog and write a story or poem with it. If this interests you even more, go to my blog called 'Adriana's Light Scribbles' and become a follower. It is just there for the beauty, a reminder of the beauty and delicate wonders of our planet. That is what they are for me, may it also works for you.

Harvest Autumn Equinox  photos at Findhorn

The latest newsletter - have a look through work projects of last year: the 2015 newsletter/portfolio or earlier work. My newsletters are a kind of small portfolio and a great way to get to know some of my work. Contact me and let's talk to see if I can help you with my skills.

Living in Scotland as an EU citizen, after BREXIT

Scotland Independent

'Adriana's Light Scribbles':

Just some samples:

Winter 2015/ 2016: Illness- Dark & Light

trees Adriana Sjan Bijman

..Accepting what is now: darkness in nature, illness in the body. When we are healthy and happy it is easier to see the beauty and amazing oneness in a landscape, in a flower, in ourselves, but how to consciously choose it when we feel grumpy, or suffering physically? Illness is a humbling experience, showing us we are not the concious Master of our bodies and our lives.....Read more on the blog Adriana's Light Scribbles

'Adriana's Light Scribbles':

Summer Solstice
summer solstice

Summer Solstice. This year, next to longest light here in the north, with other astrological constellations: both the Sun and Venus travelling together into Cancer, home of the Moon, home to all feelings, the heart and to the mothering quality in us. A great time to come home to ourselves and to the truth that lives in each of us.

Read the whole story on 'Adriana's Light Scribbles'

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Video about Findhorn Birthday Book 'Spirit of the Future'

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With Light, Adriana Sjan Bijman

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flowers Findhorn gardens
Life is precious and very special; and the more you become aware of this, the more it becomes true.

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